Foods & Drinks

At Koege Guesthouse you have plenty of dining opportunities within 10 minutes walk. Also you are 5 minutes walk from the7am-24pm supermarket, Netto, which is located only 300 meters away.  Further down the same street you find a bakery, a fresh fish shop, IRMA, barbarshops etc. to end up at the Central Square of Koege 1,5km away. 
If you go East towards the beach you will find a number of restaurants by the Marina, and by driving north to Ølby Center 1,4km by bicycle and 1,9km by car, you will find a shopping mall with several supermarkets.
Bon Appetit! 
Danes eat around 6pm and restaurant kitchens close rather early, maybe around 9.30-10pm
There are plenty of restaurants in Køge within 1-2km. 
For a full list of restaurants see this list
Dining Out
Many popular restaurants can be found here. 
If you are you out for dinner and returning after 10pm we kindly ask you stay quiet and not to wake up other guests or neighbours. 
You are welcome to cook upstairs. As you have so much more common space and kitchen utensils available than in a hotel, you are requested to leave all common areas as you received them (clean and orderly) and to either wash the dishes or leave it in the dishwasher to ensure that it is always pleasant for everyone to arrive to the property.
Our house assistant daily ensures clean bed- and bathrooms, but extra space comes with Do-It-Yourself-service.



Netto – Supermarked

Nørre Blvd. 131

Open until 00.00


 REMA 1000 – Supermarked

Ølbycenter 31

Open until  21.00


 Irma – Supermarked

Nørre Blvd. 16

Open until  20.00


 Føtex Ølby Centret – Supermarked

Ølbycenter 24

Open until  21.00


  ALDI Køge – Supermarked

Ølbycenter 3

Open until  20.00

 Ølby Bazar ApS – Supermarked

Ølbycenter 17


 LIDL – Supermarked

Ølbycenter 4

Open until  21.00


Kvickly Køge – Varehus

Vestergade 25 A

Open until 20.00

 Netto Ølby – Supermarked

Ølbycenter 6

Open until  22.00


Candy Shop – Slikbutik

Nørre Blvd. 45

Open until 20.00